How to choose the best translation agency?

The devil is in the detail

Most of the agencies won't tell you...

Translator Qualifications

To communicate with target audience successfully, it's best that your content uses the correct local terms and lingo.  And that is why we only use translators who are "experts in the field of client's industry" and "native speakers".

You're being overcharged!

Do you know that on average there are over 15% repeated keywords and phrases in a document and you're being charged for every single one of them?  


Does this sound fair to you?    


Therefore, it is best to choose agnecies that give you discount on repated words and have a Translation Memory system to store them for future use.

No answer
after hours?

For a global corporation, it's extremely important to look for agencies which can provide 24-hour uninterrupted customer support.  So you and your local offices' requests can be taken care of around the clock



Can I help you expand your business globally?

As you internationalize your business, you will definitely need a reliable agency

that can manage your written communication

from translation to content publishing in over 100 languages.

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