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More than 100 languages available

Experts in over 30 industries

 90,000 translators worldwide

Our Services

- Translation & Proofreading

- Website Translation

- Website Content Update

- Software Translation

- iOS/Android App Translation

- Online/Offline Advertising Translation

- Google Adwords Translation

- Video Translation (i.e. Youtube),

- Marketing Material Localization
  (Flyer, Brochure, POSM, Signage and etc.)

 How Does It Work?

Order Online

You can place your order online, via our API or have one of our account executives contact you to work out a tailor-made solution for your company


Our cloud-based solution will
not only save you money, but also shorten the turnaround time.

Deliver to you

Translation can be delivered in any format or to the website you requested

How to Save Money?

Our cloud-based TMS (translation memory system) will search and match your contents for repetitions to keywords or phrases stored in the database.  This can save up to 50% of your cost!

What is Translation memory?

Translation memory is a game-changing tool that can significantly reduce your translation costs. By storing previously translated content, you can reuse it in future translations, saving you time and money. This technology ensures consistency in your translations and helps maintain the accuracy of your messaging across different languages.

By investing in translation memory, you can improve your translation quality, speed up the translation process, and ultimately save money. It is especially useful for companies that need to translate large volumes of content or frequently update their translations. Translation memory can significantly reduce the time and effort required to complete translation projects, leading to substantial cost savings in the long run.

If you want to optimize your translation process and cut costs, translation memory is the solution you need. Don't miss out on the opportunity to save money while improving your multilingual communication.

How to Save Time?

We are able to shorten the turnaround time significantly through the help of new technologies such as TMS and API.  Also, our 24-hour customer service will take care of your requests around the clock.

How to Save Manpower?

No need to copy and paste website content to MS Word/Excel and send to your local translation agency anymore.

Our cloud-based system can recognize and read all kind of file formats. From HTML, XML, JS, CS, PDF to Google Adwords editor (.aea) format.

How Do We Charge?

The traditional way of charging based on total word count is not fair to customers.  
Try us by requesting a free quote below and see how much we can save for you!  

Request a Free Quote!

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Professional Native Translation
Over 100 Languages Available!

Connecting your business with the world

Experts in All Industries & Fields

Internet & Computer Industry:

eCommerce, website, telecom, computer, mobile phone, software, game, app



Business & Financial Industry:

economic, financial, legal, accounting, insurance, customer support



Marketing & Promotion:

product brochure, webpage, campaign site, brand/official site, on/offline advertisment, Google Adwords/SEM, search result page(SRP), search engine optimization(SEO), Youtube trueview/captions, press release, editorial article, user's manual

Other Industries:

tourism, electronics, medical, mechanical, beauty, energy, space, automotive, construction, electrical, marine

Science Category:

chemistry, mathematics, medicine, physics, architecture, society, environment

Arts & Humanities:
religion, archeology, literature, history, music, fashion, cooking, art

Supported File Formats

We support almost all kinds of file formats and will return translated files in the same layout and format to you!

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